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Daka SARVAL produces high quality proteins and fats for livestock feed mixes and pet food. The finished products are sold worldwide.


The specific characteristics of the fats and processed animal proteins (PAP) produced by SARVAL are developed entirely to the specifications of the customers.

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Daka SARVAL offers slaughterhouses, the food industry and butcher a total solution for the safe collection, transport and recycling of animal by-products.

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Technology & Certifications

The production processes at Daka SARVAL are regulated and supervised by the company’s internal control programmes and veterinary supervision. Ingredients, processes and the finished products are controlled by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries through the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. Daka SARVAL is certified in accordance with ISO9001.

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E-Mail: sarval@daka.dk | Phone: +45 7674 5111