Reliable and safe collection from slaughterhouses

Slaughterhouses depend on reliable partners for the collection of animal by-products from the slaughterhouse on a daily basis. As a specialist in the recycling of slaughter and butcher by-products, Daka SARVAL is able to offer individual solutions for our customers.

Daka SARVAL is a service provider for companies of all sizes: Our servicestructure cover every corner of Denmark, which means that we can also provide our individual service to major customers with a large number of distinct branches. We offer a full range of services for slaughterhouses and cutting plants, corresponding sectors of the food industry and food trade, meat product factories and butchers throughout Denmark. Daka SARVAL always provides you with the appropriate containers for your individual wishes and needs.

Benefits of Daka SARVAL

  • We collect all over the country
  • We pick up both by appointment, on fixed dates or urgently
  • We collect all types of by-products from slaughterhouses (e.g. intestines, fat, bones, cuts)
  • We are available 24 hours a day
  • We have flexible solutions that are individually adapted to the slaughterhouses
  • We provide service to everyone regardless of size and we also have solutions for smaller slaughterhouses
  • Our experienced drivers knows the location of the collection areas

We also collect category 2 by-products

We offer the same service of category 2 by-products such as pigs, poultry and cattle. It is collected by Daka SecAnim, which transports it to our factory in Randers. Here it is recycled for fertilizer and biodiesel.

The service is exactly the same.

The difference between category 2 & category 3

According to the by-product regulation, category 3 by-products include slaughterhouse waste such as intestines, fat, bones and cuts. Such residual streams can be recycled for feed ingredients. However, not all animal by-products are suitable for recycling as feed ingredients. The by-product regulation also states that category 2 by-products, such as those from agriculture, can be recycled for energy and fertilizer.

Read more about our collection of category 2 by-products here.

Sustainable Recycling

As a customer of Daka SARVAL, you contribute to sustainable recycling. When the Daka SARVAL factory in Løsning produces feed from the slaughterhouses’ by-products, water and heat are left over. The nutrient-rich, treated wastewater is discharged as fertiliser on the nearby fields, while the heat is utilized for local district heating in close collaboration with Løsning Fjernvarme.

Read more about sustainability here.

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